Russell Morris


“He is still the Real Thing.”  Reviewed by Paul Stewart


Caravan Music Club – Friday September 6.

If any young player out there needs proof that persistence is required in the music industry then look no further than local Russell Morris who, believe it or not, started his career way back in September 1966 with the formation of Melbourne group Somebody’s Image.

Russell is enjoying a golden patch at the moment with the recent release of his new self-penned blues flavored album Sharkmouth, which is up the top of the Australian charts (his first No.1 album). Audiences around the country are falling in love all over again with this musical veteran.

From the opening notes at his recent Oakleigh Caravan Club appearance not only was Morris enjoying himself but he had a packed house in raptures. The venue filled up early, not just with die-hard followers but also with new-found fans following Sharkmouth’s’ hugely successful release late last year. And Morris didn’t disappoint old or new fans.

“Pretend I am Doctor Who and this is my time machine,” he told the crowd as he proceeded to give us all an Australian history lesson with songs about gangster Squizzy Taylor, famed boxer Les Darcy, the depression and Sydney gangsters of the 1920s.

He then shifted it up a notch by ‘letting the drugs take effect’ and launched much to the delight of the predominately baby boomer crowd, into his hits of the late sixties and early seventies with the likes of ‘The Real Thing,’ ‘Part 3 Into Paper Walls,’ ‘Wings Of An Eagle,’ ‘Hello Mr America,’ ‘Hush,’ ‘Rachel’ and the wonderful ‘Sweet Sweet Love.’

In addition to a standout cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘It’s All Over Baby Blue,’ Morris also gave the happy- to-dance crowd what they wanted by including some impressive covers of The Beatles’ ‘Please Please Me’ and Bo Didley’s Before You Accuse Me (Take a Look at Yourself)’  to finish the night off.

His band was young, tight and energetic and featured Mitch Cairns (bass), Peter Robinson (guitar) and John Creech (drums).

The night was Russell’s.

Set list:

  1. Black Dog Blues (Sharkmouth, 2012)
  2. Bendigo Blues
  3. Big House (Sharkmouth, 2012)
  4. Les Darcy (Sharkmouth, 2012)
  5. Bout To Break (Sharkmouth, 2012)
  6. Walk My Blues (Sharkmouth, 2012)
  7. Sharkmouth (Sharkmouth, 2012)
  8. Squizzy (Sharkmouth, 2012)
  9. Money Don’t Grow (Sharkmouth, 2012)
  10. The Real Thing (single1969)
  11. Part 3 into Paper Walls 
(single 1969)
  12. Wings Of An Eagle
 (single 1972)
  13. Rachel 
  14. Mr America (single 1970,)
  15. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue (Bob Dylan cover 1967)
  16. Hush
  17. Sweet Sweet Love 
(single 1971)
  18. Please Please Me (Beatles cover)
  19. Before You Accuse Me (Take a Look at Yourself) (Bo Diddley)
Brian Wise

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