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Camper Van Beethoven, originally formed in 1983 and reunited in 2000 following a hiatus from 1990-99 (then recording and releasing Camper van Beethoven Is Dead, Long Live Camper Van Beethoven and Tusk). However, 2004’s New Roman Times was considered the “official” document of the band’s reformation.

David Lowery states in the liners for the New Roman Times reissue, that album was “the one that got all the press and fanfare. And it was a good thing, because it was an extremely ambitious record.”

Omnivore Recordings has announced an expanded reissue of New Roman Times on CD, Digital and double LP (with download card) to be released on February 24, 2015. Released in association with the band the album features new artwork, extensive notes from Lowery and four previously unissued tracks culled from the sessions.

“New Roman Times is a sci-fi alternate-reality rock opera. It is intended as a political farce, a sarcastic commentary on the whole notion of a red state/blue state America. It is not directly a commentary on the Iraq war, although much of it reads that way,” Lowery explains in the liners.

“With tongue firmly in cheek, I created a world where the Christian Republic of Texas opportunistically intervenes in the Republic of California’s civil war. The story is told through the eyes of a young soldier in the Army of Texas. My sympathy lies more with the Republic of California, but as usual, I wanted to tell the story through the eyes of ‘the other,’ the Young Texan. I was torn. In real life, I was born in Texas but raised in California. So once again, it’s me doing battle with myself. All fiction is autobiographical . . . It was really fun to make this record. Once we had the concept, the record came together quickly. It was nearly effortless. It was like Camper Van Beethoven had not been dormant for 10 years.”

The band continues to perform and tour, often touring with Cracker (containing Lowery and for a time CVB member Victor Krummenacher).

Track Listing:

1. Prelude

2. Sons of the New Golden West

3. 51-7

4. White Fluffy Clouds

5. That Gum You Like Is Back in Style

6. Might Makes Right

7. Militia Song

8. R ’N’ R Uzbekistan

9. Sons of the New Golden West (Reprise)

10. New Roman Times

11. The Poppies of Balmorhea

12. The Long Plastic Hallway

13. I Am Talking to This Flower

14. Come Out

15. Los Tigres Traficantes

16. I Hate This Part of Texas

17. Hippy Chix

18. Civil Disobedience

19. Discotheque CVB

20. Hey Brother

Previously Unissued Bonus Tracks:

21. Los Tigres Dub

22. Alien Ghost Song

23. It’s Gonna Rain

24. Might Makes Right Dub


Brian Wise

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